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2018-10-18 17:26
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Talent concept: people-oriented, and appoint people on their merit, as well as growth of mutual trust

Paraphrase: we adhere to the people-oriented to increase investment to attract talent, to use strictly talent, to train talent by making our best efforts, to create a good atmosphere of grow together with employee and company. When using the talents, the company insists on appointing the people on their merit to actively create various conditions, to build the vast arena for outstanding talents, to create an excellent environment for all employees, to form a good situation. The company is committed to all employees to create a free, relaxed, actively communicated, mutually trusted and helped, commonly grew cultural atmosphere, and to build a “mutual trust and common development” platform. Meanwhile, the Company adheres to the idea to create a learning organization, to from a multi-level, comprehensive learning and training mechanisms, to create a good atmosphere for employees’ lifelong learning, so as to establish an excellent management team and learning Pacific team.

Advanced talent concept

When selecting talents and appointing leadership, the Pacific Water Treatment Engineering Co., Ltd adheres to the talent concept of having both ability and political integrity and ethic taking the precedence. Establishing a high-quality professional team is an important prerequisite for company’s sustainable development, and it is also an organization guarantee of PWT career success. PWT encourages selecting from the internal core employees and training the technology and management talents of qualified professionalization.