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Commercial representative

Discussed personally
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Jiangsu Province|Nantong City|Chongchuan District- -
Affiliate department:
Ministry of Commerce
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Job nature:
Full time
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No limit
Education background:
No limit
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Job Responsibilities:
1. Develop investment promotion plan according to the company's marketing strategy
2. Improve the market share and competitiveness of products in their respective regions.
3. Maintain long-term good cooperative relationship with customers and maintain the company's brand image.
4, according to the marketing plan, regular channel dynamic adjustment
1. College degree or above, major in marketing or other related fields;
2, investment, sales work experience, large business experience of large enterprises is preferred;
3. It has rich investment channels and marketing network resources, and has experience in investment management;
4. Strong communication and coordination skills and interpersonal insight, strong team management skills
Salary: Basic + commission