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R&D center

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1. Training of professional personnel

(1) New R & D personnel accounted for 30% of the total number of employees

(2) Personnel with bachelor degree or above accounted for 98% of the total number of employees

(3) Architects with A level are more than 30 people

(4) The senior project engineers is 10 people

(5) Shuangchuang Talent Implement Unit in Jiangsu Province

2. Strategic Cooperation

(1) Establish academician workstation on the field of environmental project, and provide a unique condition for personnel training in the company.

(2) Make the in-depth cooperation on the field of water supply and drainage with Italian SGI and other famously professional companies.

(3) Establish long-term research and teaching partnerships with the various universities such as Chinese Academy of Ecological Environment Research Center, Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Nanjing University of Technology, Donghua University, Jiangsu University, Southeast University, Beijing University of Technology, Nantong University.

(4) Establish in-depth strategic partnership with various membrane manufactures such as KOCH, Lishen, etc.

(5) Establish the long-term cooperation relations with the various equipment vendors such as SIEMENS, OZONIA, ABS, ALFA LAVAL, ANDRITZ.

3. Possessed research abilities of pilot trial and production test

(1) Water supply series product of high-rise building of residential area with energy saving.

(2) Application of plot trail equipment of tender reconstruction and deep treatment SM-SBR process in CASS process wastewater treatment.

(3) Application of plot trail research base on the tender reconstruction and active sand filtration of wastewater treatment.

(4) Application of experimental base of ozone and ultraviolet disinfection treatment process for water supply and drainage.

(5) Pilot trail base based on the short flow water treatment process of immersion ultrafiltration membrane.

(6) Test base of membrane bioreactor experiment for wastewater treatment.

(7) Test equipment of waterworks with security water supply container.

(8) Container wastewater treatment equipment used for rural residents’ community.

(9) Integrated test platform of PLC automation control system with various brands.

(10) Experimental study of new coagulant.

Technological innovation