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Business area

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Business structure

◇Processing equipments used in municipal water supply and drainage treatment engineering, project design of electric automatic control instruments, system integration and supply, field installation& commissioning, technical training and service, system performance warranty and operation management.

◇Project design of urban water supply and drainage pipe network and pump station real-time regulation system, system integration and supply, filed installation & commissioning, technical training and service, system performance warranty and operation management.

◇DCS control system for solid and waste treatment engineering and water treatment engineering, water cycle system, project design of electrical system, system integration and supply, filed installation & commissioning, technical training and service, system performance warranty and operation management.

◇Pipe network dispatching, data acquisition and dispatching system.

◇Independent development, production and sales of water treatment equipments.

◇Advanced water treatment technique as well as equipments promotion and application.

Service area





So far, PWT participates thousands of environmental projects’ construction and the service is covering more than 20 provinces and cities. Its services range over the whole links from project consulting & development, design & construction to operation management. PWT owns many advanced process and technical solution relaying on many years’ practical experience, establishes long-term and stable partnership with famous companies in demestic and abroad and achieves goals of serving people and society.

Water supply:

Name of projects


Nantong Langshan Water Plant Automatic
 Control Engineering Project

First automatic water plant in China


Ningbo Maojiaping and East Qianhu Water 
Plants General Contracting Project

Large scale of general contracting water plant in China


Hangzhou Qingtai Water Plant Deep 
Purification General Contracting Project

Large scale “ozone+ activated carbon+ ultrafiltration membrane”
 deep treatment general contracting project

Harbin Mopanshan Reservoir General 
Contracting Project 

Large scale intra-urban water treatment project in North China


Dongguan Sixth Water Plant Project

Large scale “ozone+ activated carbon” deep treatment general 
contracting project in South China

Nantong Chonghai Water Plant
 Equipment System Integration Project

Deep treatment equipment system, sludge system and automatic control 
system integration project


Shaoxing Songliuling Water Plant Project

First domestic modernizing sewage treatment project and awarded with
 Luban Prize

General contracting project of Linyi Water 
Supply Treatment Project Phase I 

Large scale water plant and awarded with Taishan Cup



Name of projects


Yangzhou Liuwei Sewage Treatment Plant 
Phase II Expansion and Phase I Transformation 
General Contracting Project

Large Scale General Contracting Project with
 German government loan supported 


Shaoxing Water Treatment Development Company Limited
 Automatic Control System General Contracting Project


Large Centralized Sewage Treatment Project mainly
 focusing on printing and dyeing wastewater in China


Zhangjiagang Golden Port Sewage Treatment Plant 
General Contracting Project

National Largest Underground MBR Sewage Treatment Project

Fozhou Yangli Sewage Treatment Plant Phase II
 Expansion and Phase I Transformation Project

Large Scale General Contracting Project supported by loans
 of Asian Development Bank 


Nantong Sewage Treatment Center Deep Treatment
 Improvement Project

Large Scale Sewage Upgrade and Improvement General
 Constructing Project

Hefei Wangxiaoying Sewage Treatment Plant

Large Scale Deodorization and Noise Reduction General
 Contracting Project for sewage plant


Nanjing Jinzhou North City Sewage
 Treatment Co., Ltd.

First BOT Automatic Operation Project and awarded 
municipal golden awards


Nanjing East City Sewage Treatment Plant

Large Scale General Contracting Project supported by
 loans of Asian Development Bank 


Name of projects


Hangzhou Second Landfill & Sewage 
Treatment Plant Reconstruction Project

National Largest Landfill Effusion Fluid Treatment Project

Zhangjiagang Dongsha Landfill Effusion
 Fluid Treatment Project

Advanced process, including “ultrafiltration+ reverse osmosis” process

Zhangjiagang Waste Incineration Power
 Plant Project

Large Scale Waste Incineration Power Generation EPC Project


Ozone Generation and Service Engineering 
of Wuxi Safe Water Guarantee and 
Improvement Project

Ozone and activated carbon treatment process

Nantong Lujing Port Water Plant and
 Shangyu Upstream Dam Plant

Membrane deep treatment