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Ningbo Taoyuan Water Plant Project

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Ningbo Taoyuan Water Plant Project

Project Name: Ningbo Taoyuan Water Plant and Factory Pipeline Project General Contract Project

Project Profile: Taoyuan Water Plant and Factory Pipeline Project is a major water supply project constructed according to the “Ningbo City Center Water Supply Plan (2008-2020)”, with an investment of 1.754 billion yuan and a designed water production capacity of 500,000 cubic meters per day. After the completion of the Taoyuan Water Plant, the overall water supply capacity of the five waterworks in the central city will reach 2 million cubic meters per day. The water plant is located on the west side of Xixia Reservoir in Hengjie Town. It covers an area of 324 mu. The raw water is taken from Xinchang Qinqin Reservoir. The water plant uses ultrafiltration membrane to produce new technology. The total length of the factory clear water delivery pipeline with a diameter of 2 meters is 46.9 kilometers. The project was included in the key projects of “Five Waters Governance” and “Three-Year Action Plan” in Ningbo.

Project scale: 500,000 tons / day

Service mode: engineering package

Project highlights: Ningbo key projects, large-scale large-scale municipal water supply contracting project