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The company's general contract project Jinhua Second Water Plant successfully passed through the water

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6月30日,随着水晶球的闪烁,太平洋水处理总包项目——金华市第二水厂宣布建成通水,“西水东输”工程也同步正式开工。金华市市委副书记、市长暨军民,市人大常委会副主任钱世茂,副市长祝伦根,市政协副主席朱恒钱,市政府秘书长周剑敏等领导出席通水仪式,共同见证了金华二水厂通水。  据悉,浙江省金华市第二水厂是省、市重点工程,水厂工程概算总投资约4.6亿元,主要建设内容包括净水厂工程、配套管网工程和引水隧洞工
On June 30, with the flashing of the crystal ball, the Pacific Water Treatment General Contract Project - Jinhua No. 2 Water Plant announced the completion of the water supply, and the "West Water East Transmission" project was officially started. Jinhua Municipal Party Committee deputy secretary, mayor and military and civilian, deputy director of the Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Qian Shimao, deputy mayor Zhu Lungen, vice chairman of the CPPCC Zhu Hengqian, city government secretary Zhou Jianmin and other leaders attended the water ceremony and witnessed Jinhua Second Water Plant passes through the water.
It is reported that the second water plant of Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province is a key project of the province and the city. The total investment of the water plant project is about 460 million yuan. The main construction contents include the water purification plant project, the supporting pipe network project and the diversion tunnel project, among which the water plant The construction scale is 250,000 cubic meters per day. After the water plant was built, the maximum daily water supply in Jinhua City completed a new leap from 300,000 tons to 550,000 tons.