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The company won the "2015 Village and Town Environmental Governance Model Award"

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2016年1月,由《水工业市场》杂志与焦点水网联合发起的“2015中国环保企业行业贡献评选”活动落下帷幕,太平洋水处理荣获“村镇环境治理典范奖”。  据悉,此次评选奖项主要包括:村镇环境治理典范奖、技术创新(升级)贡献奖、(单项产品/技术)品牌贡献奖、工程实践典范奖、黑臭水体治理贡献奖、“海绵城市”建设贡献奖、“智慧水务”典范奖、社会公益典范奖等8个奖项。  太平洋水处理作为国内较早介入村镇污水治
In January 2016, the “2015 China Environmental Protection Industry Contribution Selection” campaign jointly launched by “Water Industry Market” magazine and Focus Water Network came to an end, and Pacific Water Treatment won the “Village and Town Environmental Management Model Award”.
It is reported that the awards include: Village and Town Environmental Governance Model Award, Technology Innovation (Upgrade) Contribution Award, (Single Product/Technology) Brand Contribution Award, Engineering Practice Model Award, Black and Stinky Water Management Contribution Award, and “Sponge City” Construction 8 awards including the Contribution Award, the “Smart Water” Model Award, and the Social Welfare Model Award.
Pacific Water Treatment, as an early enterprise involved in the field of sewage treatment in villages and towns, has been focusing on the technology research and development advantages in the field of water treatment for many years, combined with the accumulated experience of rural sewage treatment technology in recent years, according to the characteristics of sewage treatment in rural areas, “tailor-made” specific The treatment method combines the facilities and equipment organically, and guarantees the effect of water treatment with the long-term operation mechanism to make the due contribution to the environmental management of the village.
In the forthcoming “2016 (11th) Water Treatment Industry Hotspot Technology Forum” (April, April 15-15, 2016, Yancheng, Jiangsu), the results of this selection will be announced again and medals will be awarded to the winners. Stay tuned !