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Hefei No. 7 Water Plant Project passed the acceptance

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近日,太平洋水处理承建的合肥第七水厂自控、安防设备采购及安装项目通过验收。  据悉,合肥第七水厂于2012年5月28日正式动工,2013年7月15日正式通水。水厂坐落于高新区南岗工业园将军岭路和大别山路交口处,总规模为40万立方米/日,占地面积192.5亩,其中净水厂180亩,源水厂12.5亩,源水取自董铺水库。工程分期施工,一期日供水能力为20万立方米/日,包括原水泵站、原水管线、净水厂以及配套
Recently, the Hefei No. 7 water plant self-control, security equipment procurement and installation project undertaken by Pacific Water Treatment has passed the acceptance test.
It is reported that the Hefei No. 7 Water Plant officially started construction on May 28, 2012, and officially passed the water on July 15, 2013. The water plant is located at the intersection of Jiangjunling Road and Dabieshan Road in Nangang Industrial Park, High-tech Zone. The total scale is 400,000 cubic meters per day, covering an area of 192.5 acres, including 180 acres of water purification plant and 12.5 acres of source water plant. From Dongpu Reservoir. The construction of the project is carried out in phases. The daily water supply capacity of the first phase is 200,000 cubic meters per day, including the original water pumping station, the raw water pipeline, the water purification plant and the supporting water supply pipe network. The construction investment is about 760 million yuan. The water purification process of Hefei No. 7 Water Plant adopts the advection sedimentation tank, V-type filter tank, clear water pool and domestic leading level automatic production technology, which further improves the safety of water supply security.