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PWT's process transformation of Nantong Lusong Water Plant

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由太平洋水处理工程有限公司、南通市自来水公司等单位合作研究的“以浸入式超滤膜技术为核心的短流程净水工艺”在2009年1月6日经过哈尔滨工业大学李圭白院士等众多知名专家中试鉴定,获得了与会专家的一致认可。日前,太平洋水处理工程有限公司已签约南通自来水公司旗下的芦泾水厂为“浸入式超滤膜技术为核心的短流程净水工艺”工程试点,将见证该工艺由中试步入到具体项目应用的重要历程。  应用该工艺,通过综合手段,可
The “Short Process Water Purification Process with Immersion Ultrafiltration Membrane Technology as the Core” jointly researched by Pacific Water Treatment Engineering Co., Ltd. and Nantong Water Supply Co., Ltd. was well-known on January 6, 2009 by Academician Li Guibai of Harbin Institute of Technology. The expert's pilot test was approved by the participating experts. Recently, Pacific Water Treatment Engineering Co., Ltd. has signed a contract for the Lushui Water Plant under the Nantong Water Supply Company to be a short-flow water purification process with the core of immersion ultrafiltration membrane technology. It will witness the process from the pilot to the specific The important process of project application.
By applying this process, the construction cost can be reduced and the operating cost can be relatively reduced by comprehensive means. At the same time, the process transformation will in-depth study of how to deal with micro-polluted water sources and water quality mutations during the pilot project.