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The Ministry of Environmental Protection issued four documents, focusing on rural environmental protection

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时间:2013-11-19来源:中国水网作者:佟婧旸  随着《中共中央关于全面深化改革若干重大问题的决定》的公布,我国首次对生态文明制度建设进行系统阐述,生态文明建设上升到前所未有的高度。18日,环保部印发《农村生活污水处理项目建设与投资指南》等四项文件(下称“《文件》”),十八届三中全会后首批发布的环保政策文件使农村环保产业再次成为关注焦点。  农村环保建设统一引导  《文件》包括《农村生活污水
Time: 2013-11-19 Source: China Water Net Author: Tong Yang Jing
With the announcement of the "Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Comprehensively Deepening the Reform of Some Major Issues", China has systematically elaborated on the construction of an ecological civilization system, and the construction of ecological civilization has risen to an unprecedented height. On the 18th, the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued four documents (hereinafter referred to as “the “Documents”) for the “Construction and Investment Guide for Rural Domestic Sewage Treatment Projects”. The environmental protection policy documents for the first wholesale after the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee made the rural environmental protection industry Become the focus of attention.
Unified guidance for rural environmental protection construction
The "Documents" include "Guidelines for the Construction and Investment of Rural Domestic Sewage Treatment Projects", "Guidelines for the Construction and Investment of Rural Domestic Waste Classification, Receiving and Disposal Projects", "Guidelines for the Construction and Investment of Environmental Protection Projects for Rural Drinking Water Sources" and "Rurals" Four guiding documents such as the construction and investment guide for small-scale livestock and poultry pollution prevention and control projects.
Regarding rural domestic sewage treatment, the “Document” requires that the ratio of investment in construction of sewage collection system to construction of sewage treatment plant (station) should not exceed 2.5:1 in principle. The operation and maintenance management costs are 0.05-0.25 yuan/ton of water, mainly including pumping station electricity charges, pumping station and pipeline maintenance fees, and manual maintenance fees. Regarding the classification, collection and handling of rural domestic waste, the document emphasizes that the local conditions are dispersed. The treatment method combined with concentration will make full use of the existing environmental sanitation, renewable energy and environmental pollution treatment facilities, rationally allocate public resources, and adopt a treatment mode of urban-rural integration, centralized and decentralized.
Before the publication of the "Documentation", China's rural sewage discharge standards mainly used the first-class standard of "Emission Standards for Pollutants in Urban Sewage Treatment Plants" (GB18918-2002), which is quite large for rural areas where technology and economy are relatively weak. Challenges and problems. According to the characteristics of rural areas and the direction of sewage, the “Standards for the Construction and Investment of Rural Domestic Sewage Treatment Projects” has formulated suitable sewage discharge standards for rural areas, which will guide the healthy development of rural sewage treatment technologies.
Rural environmental issues are receiving much attention
With the development of rural production and the acceleration of the construction of small towns, the problem of rural sewage has begun to appear constantly, and it is intensifying. It not only causes damage to the rural water environment, but also threatens urban drinking water sources. Rural environmental management cannot be delayed.
Last month, President Xi Jinping emphasized that the experience of the “Thousand Villages Demonstration of Villages Renovation” project in Zhejiang Province should be seriously summarized and promoted. On October 9, Vice Premier Wang Yang of the State Council pointed out at the National Conference on Improving the Living Environment of Rural People that all localities should take the basic goal of ensuring rural residents' housing safety, drinking water safety and travel safety, and focus on garbage and sewage treatment to accelerate the rural foundation. Facility construction, promote a new round of rural environmental contiguous rectification, and comprehensively improve rural production and living conditions through long-term and arduous efforts.
In June this year, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region government officially issued the "Rural Environmental Protection Plan (2011-2020)", which filled the gap in China's rural environmental protection field. Recently, the Anhui Finance Department has also proposed environmental protection programs for 30,000 villages, and strives to basically form a rural environmental protection and governance system by 2020. The Shandong provincial government also announced on the 3rd that it will allocate 430 million yuan for the construction of new community sewage treatment facilities in rural areas.
The rural sewage market is poised for development
According to the plan of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, by 2015, the rural sewage treatment rate will increase from the current 2% to 10%, and the township sewage treatment rate will increase from the current 10% to 35%. Relevant data show that there are currently about 600,000 administrative villages in the country. According to one-third of them, 200,000 administrative villages urgently need to be governed. Each administrative village needs 1 million yuan of governance, calculated according to central and local investment of 50%. The central government is required to invest 100 billion yuan.
Therefore, in the future, the state will increase investment in remediation of sewage in rural areas, and rural sewage treatment will become a huge market. It is understood that many companies have already turned their attention to the rural sewage treatment market. Enterprises such as Sander and Anlis have several rural sewage treatment projects, and North Control Water and Guozhong Water are also very concerned about the rural sewage market. .