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Harbin Mopanshan Reservoir Project

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Harbin Mopanshan Reservoir Project

Project Name: Water Purification Project of Mopanshan Reservoir (Phase II) in Harbin

Project Description: Harbin Mopanshan Reservoir Water Supply Project is a large-scale water conservancy project that mainly supplies urban water supply and supplies water to Wuchang and Shuangcheng cities along the route, combined with downstream flood control, farmland irrigation and environmental water use. It is also outside the country. Diversion and gravity flow supply is the longest water conservancy project. The total water purification plant of the Mopanshan Reservoir Water Supply Project has a total scale of 900,000 tons/day. The project is constructed in two phases. The scale of the first phase has been 450,000 tons/day, and the second phase has been completed at a scale of 450,000 tons/day. It was completed and put into production in December 2006, and the second phase was completed and put into operation in November 2009. The project consists of a reservoir, a water pipeline, a water purification plant, and an urban water distribution network. The total estimated investment of the project is 5.316 billion yuan.

Project scale: 900,000 tons / day

Service scope: engineering package

Project Highlights: Northeastern Region Extra Large City Water Supply Contract Project