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Jiangsu Jiangnan Water Co., Ltd. Chengxi Water Plant Project

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Jiangsu Jiangnan Water Co., Ltd. Chengxi Water Plant Project

Project Name: Chengxi Waterworks Project of Jiangsu Jiangnan Water Co., Ltd.

Project Description: With the rapid economic and social development of urban and rural areas in Jiangyin, the water consumption in Jiangyin City has continued to grow. With the promotion of urban and rural water supply integration in Jiangyin, Jiangsu Jiangnan Water Co., Ltd. will supply water from Changzhou Water Division and Township Waterworks. The Jiangyin Chengxi area is included in the water supply pipe network system managed by our company, forming an intensive and integrated water supply system. To invest in the construction of Chengxi Water Plant to meet the urban and rural development water demand has become a top priority for Jiangnan Water. The planned total scale of Chengxi Water Plant is 200,000 tons/day. It is planned to form a water supply capacity of 100,000 tons/day by the end of 2012, and a supporting pipe network will be built to supply water to various towns and villages in Chengxi.

Project scale: 200,000 tons / day

Service scope: automatic control and system integration