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Nantong Chonghai Water Plant Phase I Project

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Nantong Chonghai Water Plant Phase I Project

Project Name: To the first phase of Nantong Chonghai Water Plant

Project Background: This project design scheme adopts modern computer integrated manufacturing system technology, and draws on its application experience in the water supply industry to build a fully integrated integrated automation system for the water purification plant. To realize the automation of the production process of the water purification plant, the informationization of production factors and the network of management, the water purification plant will be built into a modern water treatment enterprise with high automation and information level and convenient management.

The comprehensive automatic control system of the project mainly includes the reaction tank mixing mixer, comprehensive dosing system, blower, air compressor, filter pneumatic valve, vacuum water diversion device, mud pool and balance pool submersible mixer, sludge dewatering system, Instrumentation and automation control systems, security systems, etc.

Project scale: The total project scale is 800,000 tons/day, and the scale of the first phase project is 400,000 tons/day.

Service scope: automatic control and system integration

Project Highlights: Large-scale urban water supply project