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Shanghai Jinshan Waterworks Project

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Shanghai Jinshan Waterworks Project

Project Name: Shanghai Jinshan Yishui Plant (factory area) construction project

Project Overview: Shanghai Jinshan Yishui Plant is the first municipal water supply project in Jinshan District, Shanghai. The first phase of Jinshan Water Plant, which was built in 2005, took the lead in achieving the established goal of intensive water supply in Jinshan District of 200,000 tons/day. Effectively meet the needs of intensive centralized water supply in the region. The water plant project mainly includes high pressure soft start frequency water supply system, four dose dosing system, precipitation reaction system, V type filter system, sludge treatment and dehydration system, instrument automatic control system, plant level power distribution system and DLP display system. Such as the entire plant, electrical, automatic control integrated system supply, security and commissioning, as well as production and operation costs of the total package project. The successful operation of the sludge treatment and dewatering system effectively protected the natural environment around the water plant.

Project scale: 200,000 m3/d

Service scope: engineering package

Project Highlights: The first centralized water supply project in Jinshan District, Shanghai