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Shaoxing Xiaojiang River Water Supply Phase II Project Water Purification Plant Project

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Shaoxing Xiaojiang River Water Supply Phase II Project Water Purification Plant Project

Project Name: Water Purification Plant Project of Shaoxing Xiaoshuijiang Water Supply Phase II Project

Project Overview: The second phase of the Xiaojiang River Water Supply Project in Shaoxing City is divided into the expansion project of the Guoguo Reservoir Pumping Station, the expansion project of the water purification plant, the south line of the water pipe network and the north line project. The new 80.2 km pipeline will be laid to Shaoxing County, Shangyu City and Hangzhou Bay Shaoxing Industrial New City, etc., so that the urban and local water supply networks will be integrated to ensure the safety of water supply. The project is the key project of Shaoxing City. It was completed at the end of 2006 with a total investment of 850 million yuan.

Project scale: 400,000 tons / day

Service scope: engineering package

Highlights of the project: The first modern water plant in Zhejiang Province won the Luban Award.