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Yangzhou Liuyi Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase II Project

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Yangzhou Liuyi Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase II Project

Project Name: Sino-German Financial Cooperation Yangzhou Liuyi Wastewater Treatment Plant Project

Project Overview: Yangzhou City has won the UN Habitat Environment Award and is one of the 24 historical and cultural cities in the country announced by the State Council. Liuyi Wastewater Treatment Plant is located to the south of the Minjiang River, west of the Grand Canal, north of Jinshan Road, and east of Pailou Road. The factory area is approximately trapezoidal, with a width of about 300m from east to west, 514m in length in the east, and 445m in length in the west. The total area of the plant is 15.42ha (including land acquisition). The total scale of Liuzhou Sewage Treatment Plant in Yangzhou City is 200,000 tons/day, the first phase is 50,000 tons/day (using hydrolysis acidification + oxidation ditch process), the second phase is 100,000 tons/day (using improved A2/O process), three The period is 50,000 tons / day.

Project scale: 200,000 tons / day

The main process: mechanical treatment + membrane hydrolysis acidification + improved A / A / O phosphorus and nitrogen removal + coagulation, sedimentation, filtration + UV disinfection.

Project Content: Engineering General Contract

Project Highlights: Adopting German government loans, large-scale sewage contracting project


Yangzhou Liuyi Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase II Project


Yangzhou Liuyi Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase II Project