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Zhangjiagang City Waste Treatment Plant Leachate Treatment Project

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Project scale: 160 tons / day

Project Overview: The domestic waste sanitary landfill project currently under construction in Zhangjiagang City, with a scale of 470t/d, is expected to be completed and put into use in 2009. The treatment level of the leachate of Zhangjiagang Landfill is 160 tons/day. After treating the tailwater Dana standard, it will be pumped and sent to the Dongsha Chemical Zone Wastewater Treatment Plant, which is 1.5km away from the landfill. The sewage treatment process is MBR+UF+RO treatment process, and the sludge treatment process is treated by centrifugal dewatering machine and then transported to landfill. The concentrated liquid is considered to be recharged into the landfill. In June 2007, Pacific Water Treatment Engineering Co., Ltd. won the bid. Due to the delay of the overall progress of the landfill, the leachate treatment project is expected to meet the production and commissioning conditions at the end of June 2009. At present, the civil works have entered the final stage and the equipment installation plan is in 2009. Beginning in early April.

Process: The garbage leachate treatment process adopts MBR+UF+RO treatment process, and the sludge treatment process is dewatered by centrifugal dewatering machine and then landfilled, and the concentrated liquid is recharged into the landfill. The specific process flow is shown in the figure.

Construction Content: Leachate treatment station design, civil engineering, equipment supply, installation, commissioning, three-month trial operation and one-year official operation.
Project scale: 160 tons / day
Project Overview: The domestic waste sanitary landfill project currently under construction in Zhangjiagang City, with a scale of 470t/d, is expected to be completed and put into use in 2009. The treatment level of the leachate of Zhangjiagang Landfill is 160 tons/day. After treating the tailwater Dana standard, it will be pumped and sent to the Dongsha Chemical Zone Wastewater Treatment Plant, which is 1.5km away from the landfill. The sewage treatment process is MBR+UF+RO treatment process, and the sludge treatment process is treated by centrifugal dewatering machine and then transported to landfill. The concentrated liquid is considered to be recharged into the landfill. In June 2007, Pacific Water Treatment Engineering Co., Ltd. won the bid. Due to the delay of the overall progress of the landfill, the leachate treatment project is expected to meet the production and commissioning conditions at the end of June 2009. At present, the civil works have entered the final stage and the equipment installation plan is in 2009. Beginning in early April.
Process: The garbage leachate treatment process adopts MBR+UF+RO treatment process, and the sludge treatment process is dewatered by centrifugal dewatering machine and then landfilled, and the concentrated liquid is recharged into the landfill. The specific process flow is shown in the figure.
Construction Content: Leachate treatment station design, civil engineering, equipment supply, installation, commissioning, three-month trial operation and one-year official operation.