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The company's construction project Jinhua No.2 Water Plant Project successfully accepted

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4月10日,由太平洋水处理承建的金华市第二水厂工艺设备自控安防工程顺利通过竣工验收。  据悉,金华市第二水厂工程是省、市重点工程,概算总投资约4.6亿元,主要建设内容包括净水厂工程、配套管网工程和引水隧洞工程。其中,水厂建设规模为25万吨/日,以安地水库作为供水水源,一次性规划建设,采用混合-絮凝-沉淀-过滤-消毒常规水处理工艺。
On April 10th, the self-control security project of Jinhua No.2 Water Plant, which was constructed by Pacific Water Treatment, passed the completion acceptance.
It is reported that the second water plant project of Jinhua City is a key project of the province and the city. The estimated total investment is about 460 million yuan. The main construction contents include the water purification plant project, the supporting pipe network project and the diversion tunnel project. Among them, the construction scale of the water plant is 250,000 tons/day, and the Andi Reservoir is used as the water supply source for one-time planning and construction, and the mixed water-flocculation-precipitation-filtration-disinfection conventional water treatment process is adopted.