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Hangzhou Nanxingqiao Water Plant under construction in the Pacific has passed the review

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近日,由太平洋承建的,杭州主城区三大具备深度处理能力来水厂之一的杭州南星桥水厂通过创现代化水厂复审,成为公司承建的又一个具有代表性的现代化水厂项目。  据悉,杭州南星桥水厂是杭州市第一个实施深度处理的水厂,日供水能力达40万吨/日,出水水质达到直饮水标准。
Recently, the Hangzhou Nanxingqiao Water Plant, which was built by the Pacific and has one of the three major water treatment plants in Hangzhou's main urban area, has been re-examined by a modern water plant and has become another representative modern water plant project undertaken by the company.
It is reported that Hangzhou Nanxingqiao Water Plant is the first water plant in Hangzhou to implement advanced treatment. The daily water supply capacity is 400,000 tons/day, and the effluent water quality meets the standard of drinking water.