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Pacific Hangzhou Xiangfu Water Plant drinking water purification project passed the acceptance

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2016年9月29日,由太平洋水处理承建的浙江杭州祥符水厂饮用净水改造工程项目顺利通过验收。本次通过验收的祥符水厂采用先进处理工艺,是公司承建的杭州第三家深度处理水厂项目。  杭州祥符水厂饮用净水改造工程,是杭州市政府“五水共治”和“清水治污”专项行动的重点工程之一,工程估算总投资约38061万元,深度处理规模达25万吨/日。该水厂的水处理工艺流程采用的是国际最成熟和使用最广泛的技术,即“预臭氧—
On September 29, 2016, the drinking water purification project of Hangzhou Xiangfu Water Plant, which was constructed by Pacific Water Treatment, passed the acceptance test. The Xiangfu Water Plant, which passed the acceptance test, adopts advanced treatment technology and is the third deep treatment water plant project in Hangzhou undertaken by the company.
The drinking water purification project of Hangzhou Xiangfu Water Plant is one of the key projects of the Hangzhou Municipal Government's “Five Waters Governance” and “Clear Water Pollution Control” special projects. The estimated total investment is about 38.061 million yuan, and the advanced treatment scale is 250,000. Tons/day. The water treatment process of the water plant adopts the most mature and widely used technology in the world, namely “pre-ozone-coagulation sedimentation-sand filter-intermediate lifting-post-ozone contact-activated carbon filter-chlorination disinfection”. After the Nanxing Water Plant and Qingtai Water Plant, the third water treatment plant of Hangzhou Water Group has deep processing capacity.