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Chairman Jiang Chao was invited to attend the 11th Cross-Strait Water Quality Safety Summit Forum

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9月12日,由中国科学院生态环境研究中心、台湾交通大学以及南通市城乡建设局联合主办的“第十一届海峡两岸水质安全高峰论坛”在江苏南通举办。  本次活动以供水水质安全保障、深度处理技术应用、水务公司创新升级等方面为主题,邀请了海峡两岸的自来水公司、科研单位、行业协会、水务服务公司、环保公司、高校等行业相关负责人近400位代表参会。  金州集团董事长蒋超先生作为中国水业突出贡献者应邀参加会议,并在12日
On September 12th, the 11th Cross-Strait Water Quality Safety Summit Forum jointly organized by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Ecological Environment Research Center, Taiwan Jiaotong University and Nantong Urban and Rural Construction Bureau was held in Nantong, Jiangsu Province.
The theme of the event was the water quality and safety guarantee, the application of advanced treatment technology, and the innovation and upgrading of water companies. Invited the relevant leaders of water supply companies, scientific research units, industry associations, water service companies, environmental protection companies, universities and other industries across the Taiwan Straits. Nearly 400 delegates attended the conference.
Mr. Jiang Chao, Chairman of Jinzhou Group, was invited as a prominent contributor to China's water industry to participate in the meeting. In the Water Quality Summit Forum held on the afternoon of the 12th, he discussed with a number of political and business elites and industry giants to analyze development and innovation. A unique discussion and intense thinking collision opened a big discussion about the management, service, quality, innovation, responsibility and development of water companies.
During the meeting, Jiang Dong’s wonderful speech and unique insights aroused strong repercussions. The guests of the Golden State Group and Pacific Water Treatment Engineering Co., Ltd., which were founded by Mr. Jiang Chao and Mr. Jiang Chao, have made outstanding contributions to China’s water supply industry for many years. Deeply appreciated and respected.