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Group conducts training on how to develop and create quality PPP projects

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OnAugust14th,thegrouporganizedabusinesstrainingforbusinesspeoplewiththethemeof“Howtodevelopandcreatehigh-qualityPPPprojects”.ParticipantsincludedrepresentativesfromvariousmarketteamsoftheGroup,JiangongJinyuanandtheDeputyGeneralManagerofthePacificandthemarketpersonnelofthePPPprojectteam. Asaseniorinternaltraininglecturer,Mr.Jiangpersonallytrainedandtookspecificcasestocutthrough.HehastaughthisexperienceandexperienceinPPPprojectdevelopmentfor30years,andpassedittoeveryonethroughvariouscasestosharewithbusinessandmanagementpersonnel.Andexchange,inordertojointlylearntosolvethesolutionandoperationmodeofspecificproblems.
On August 14th, the group organized a business training for business people with the theme of “How to develop and create high-quality PPP projects”. Participants included representatives from various market teams of the Group, Jiangong Jinyuan and the Deputy General Manager of the Pacific and the market personnel of the PPP project team.
As a senior internal training lecturer, Mr. Jiang personally trained and took specific cases to cut through. He has taught his experience and experience in PPP project development for 30 years, and passed it to everyone through various cases to share with business and management personnel. And exchange, in order to jointly learn to solve the solution and operation mode of specific problems.